How to Put Positivity into Your Installation and Repairs


Following the government, guidance is one thing, but following concerns of the people you are providing a service for is even more important. The last thing you want is a reckless reputation to start spreading among your community


When people book for an installation of smart meters or any electrical work, they are going to be even wearier these days of letting people into their homes. Even those completing fully qualified electrician courses have to add an extra string to their bow in providing a safe environment in other people’s property by undertaking smart meter installer training.

There are many considerations to take into effect when called out to each job that put you in good stead with your clients.

Before the Job

It is always good to call your client ahead of and get as much information as possible to help you provide an effective service.

You need to determine if the individual is currently shielding or has any serious health issues, or even been diagnosed recently with coronavirus symptoms. Naturally, this would require measures in rescheduling or separating your work from an area of the house they can occupy. It requires you to understand the exact requirements for safety before entering a property to better protect yourself from any action and more importantly to protect your client and the relationship moving forward.

By having their best interests at the forefront of your work you strengthen a reliable relationship and remain the first call for any future work.

During the Job

By sticking to government guidelines on safety by wearing gloves, a mask or visor, keeping social distance and keeping sanitized during working you are upholding the reputation of your company and the consideration of your client.

Be sure that anybody in the property is also wearing a mask in order to keep everyone safe. Also, ensure that access to where you need to work is properly cleared and not posing any risk. Be sure that the room you are working in is ventilated and that any doors or walkways are clear and not requiring you to touch anything to get to the job. The client will hopefully have done this prior to your visit, but always request ahead to be sure.

Electrical training courses can teach you a lot about the job, but you will have to rely on your communication with people in order to work with them on safe premises.

After the Job

It’s important to make sure that the client understands the work that has been done and any measures that they need to take following.

Having a safety leaflet is a good way but checking that the client understands and is happy with the work prior to you leaving goes a long way towards not having to return if they are not happy.

Take pictures of the work you have done also to cover yourself, and if the client is very happy with your work and professionalism, ask for a review or testimonial online and help to spread the good word of mouth to those who may need a qualified electrician.

If you are looking to train to become an electrician, contact ECTA to begin the process smart meter installer training with help to provide you with the ultimate care for clients in need of professional electricians in Stockport.