Electrical Work During Tier Restrictions


Many of us did not expect to enter 2021 under tougher restrictions imposed by the government in accordance with the current combat of the coronavirus.


For those recently graduating from fully qualified electrician courses, there are extra areas of consideration to be implemented in order to work safely within business premises and people’s homes during this period, with the threat of additional national lockdown’s on the horizon.

Tougher Restrictions

With Manchester and other areas of the North West now joining London in the highest tier, and electrical work in Manchester is classed as an essential service, the importance of the government guidelines in place to ensure continued service is at an all-time high.

With many people forced to work from home, this requires areas of additional care, especially to the vulnerable. Vital electrical checks to homes and businesses are to continue during this period although some homeowners and tenants may believe them to be unnecessary in the situation.

This however does rely on the tradesperson being in good health and suffering no symptoms of the virus. However, if the household is currently isolating this does mean that work should not be carried out and it is held off until clear. This needs to be addressed on the phone with the customer prior to showing up for the job in all instances. Regular hand sanitization by the worker is as always a high requirement upon entering the premises and should be done with your own supply, not a customer or business premises unless specifically provided for.

For all electricians and gas installers, the current two mitre separation from clients should be thoroughly maintained and if at all possible, be in separate rooms during the work.

Commercial Electrical Work

As far as commercial electrical work in Manchester is concerned, it needs to be ensured before doing any work on the premises that the business owner is also providing the right levels of safety protocols in the workplace. If anything you feel is not being adhered to in the venue you are set to work within, then it needs to be addressed and implemented before any work is undertaken as the risk of penalization is very high during this period if not adhered to. If you are required to work in teams on the job, then it should be done in small team bubbles in confined spaces.

It is best to request a copy of any workplace electrical safety guidelines prior to the job taking place to ensure that both theirs and your safety requirements are in play.

So as far as continuing to train to become an electrician, there is still a lot of work to be done and no effect on workload as long as you do not suffer from vulnerable circumstances within your health.