Is Training to be a Gas Engineer a Long Term Plan?


It can be a difficult decision to change career, with uncertainty around the cost, time is taken to get qualified and potential earnings in your preferred role, as opposed to the certainties of your current job.


Training courses are part of this, with so many people wanting to learn something new but worrying about how much time is going to have to be dedicated to it as well as the uncertainty of the outcome. In the current economy, there is major interest in joining the ranks of the rapidly depleting trades to take advantage of the bulk of workers needed, particularly in the gas engineering field.

You may be relieved to hear that it may not take as long as you think to get started.

The Knowledge

Training to become a qualified gas engineer can take as little as 6 months depending on the route you wish to take. Due to the ever-increasing demand for certified professionals in the field, training is being undertaken in gas training North West at a much quicker rate in order to get new professionals out into the field.

The added bonus is that once training is completed there is a lucrative career sure to be rewarding for your efforts. And whether you choose domestic, commercial or commercial catering for your target customer base, you’ll definitely find more than your fair share of companies looking for qualified engineers.

The Requirements

To make a successful living in the gas industry you will need to undertake the gas courses, which should be approved by IGEM and once you have completed this Managed Learning Programme, you will be eligible to take ACS qualifications, which are the qualifications required to get on Gas Safe Register.

You can complete the Managed Learning Programme as part of an Apprenticeship, or as a stand alone course.

With a 43 per cent shortage of workers in the gas industry, beginner gas courses have standardised training in order to aid in the replenishment of skilled workers with full qualifications within months, meaning you won’t have to undertake years of training in order to be competent to work alone.

The Reward

On average, a gas engineer wage is around £32,000. As experience moves onwards so too can the wage increase up to around £60,000, depending on the type of work and bonuses available.

This obviously is a very appealing figure for those who love a practical job which presents new challenges and experience on every individual job. Once qualified, Gas Engineers can expand their horizons even further to include environmentally friendly technologies such as Heat Pumps, which can increase your potential earnings further.

If you would like more information about gas courses, then contact the team at ECTA today to make a start in learning to be successful.