Shortage of Trades, Increase in Salary Potential


There could be a moment in the future where people will find it hard to book an electrician or gas engineer for a specific time-sensitive job.


The reason being is because of the increasing shortage of skilled tradespeople throughout the country at a time when electrical, heat source pump and gas engineers are going to be needed more than ever before. Currently, there are more tradespeople closing into retirement age than there are people coming into the professions, which means that soon enough there will be more contracts available than skilled trained contractors in the field.

Whilst this means we could experience a great shortage of availability, there are people who have thought ahead and are preparing to capitalise on the huge demand that is soon to flow into the fields of electrical, gas and heating trades.

Pretty soon there will be an influx of trade work required that the current numbers of certified professionals cannot meet.

Those setting out to train to become an electrician or to train to become a gas engineer now have a vast landscape ahead with the mass implementation of renewable energy requirements in homes, workplaces and leisure facilities as well as everywhere else. Current interest in smart meter technology, air and ground heat pumps, solar photovoltaics, electric vehicle charging points and other carbon-reducing technologies across the country not only requires the right trained professionals for the job, but also the maintenance and other avenues that could lead to fat contracts for those with the preferred skills.

This has shown an increase in interest in electric courses and gas courses in order to make a successful entry into the field ready to prosper. It is also seeing older professionals in the electrician and heating fields wanting to boost their skills in new technologies, as well as those seeking a change post-pandemic.

The writing on the wall is that skilled tradespeople can hugely benefit from the reduced amount of professionals available, able to up their service charges and making a very comfortable living moving forward.

Naturally, money is not the only “green” that your services can provide, with the shift in focus on the green initiative providing a complete overhaul of current ways of heating our homes and businesses. Not all electricians are qualified to fit solar panels, and not all gas engineers are qualified to install heat pumps, which opens up extra training opportunities to add more strings to your professional bow.

The added interest in air and ground source heat pumps in people’s homes adds even more potential for those moving in to the trade field, with the installations that can be done under the Green Homes Grant scheme being a huge plus in the shift towards green energy and qualified tradespeople to undertake the work.

For information on heat source pump training and electric or gas training courses, contact the team at ECTA.