Air/Ground Source Heat Pump Engineers As the Next Logical Learning


Adding a new string to your bow is all about the need to gain confidence in yourself and your skills.


Any tradesperson in any profession understands that natural progression comes from elevated learning and understanding of the changing landscape of the world we live in. This means that not everything stays as it is and is bound to require training around new approaches, such as acquiring the skills for source heat pump installations.

New Opportunities in the Field

This is why the government’s new green initiative provides tradespeople with new opportunities to train into lucrative new areas of their profession whilst laying a foundation with its core skills already present.

Gas engineers and electricians can now stand to benefit from extra training courses set to boost the implementation of Air/Ground Source Heat Pumps as the replacement for conventional gas boilers. This shift from traditional fossil fuels will see older boiler units banned from new build homes and phased out completely by 2035, relying on hydrogen boilers and air and ground heat pumps as the prime substitutes for the current older household installations.

Injection of Business for Trades

With this shift, gas engineers and those undertaking gas training in the North West will find that traditional practices will be declining, and electrical engineers will see training in smart energy installation, as well as other low carbon heating systems such as biomass and solar.

Traditional plumbers will also find this new shift in focus to their advantage upon undertaking the qualified training, being able to add more expertise and a lucrative career on top of their already existing knowledge base.

Shortage of Qualified Workers

With the UK experiencing a national shortage of skilled tradespeople for the amount of work currently required to meet this expansion into greener, more sustainable energy and heating, the timing on undertaking fully qualified electrician courses and gas courses is at an all-time high in terms of importance and for the opportunity.

With funding now in place towards the training for Air/Ground Source Heat Pump engineers as a crucial drive towards the greener initiative, those looking to kickstart a fresh career, new training or something long term for school leaving the stand to make a difference to their career and pay bracket upon successfully completing their electrical training courses.

For more information about electrical training courses, gas courses and Air/Ground Source Heat Pump training, contact the team at ECTA for a greener, qualified future in heat pump source installations.