Hackney Council now uses renewable energy


100 per cent of the electricity sourced by Hackney Council now comes from renewable energy sources!


100 per cent of the electricity sourced by Hackney Council now comes from renewable energy sources! This increase sees all of the council’s electricity source coming from wind and solar power. It is now being introduced alongside a range of other decarbonisation measures.

These measures include large rooftop solar panel schemes across council buildings, as well as their recent Green Homes programme. This programme will provide free insulation and trial renewable heating upgrades to help residents save money on energy bills while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The council’s publicly owned energy services company, Hackney Light and Power is delivering these schemes. The authority is also set to install an additional 182 electric vehicle charging points this year, with a feasibility study into delivering chargers on each street in the borough. On top of this, it is set to convert all streetlamps in the borough to energy-efficient LED bulbs by 2022.

Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney said: “Even in the difficult times we are living through we must still take the long-term action we need to reduce our energy consumption and switch to cleaner energy.

“In our 2018 Manifesto, we committed to transforming the way we generate, consume, and purchase our energy, and just two years later, we’ve become one of the first councils in the country to be completely powered by clean electricity, showing significant progress towards meeting our stretching targets of 45% decarbonisation against 2010 levels by 2030, and net-zero emissions by 2040.”

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