Why more Businesses should use Renewable Energy Solutions


We are quite aware that many businesses are making smart decisions to move to a renewable energy supply. However, we still believe that there is more to be done.


We are quite aware that many businesses are making smart decisions to move to renewable energy solutions. However, we still believe that there is more to be done. This is also an issue that many engineers in this field should be taking on board. The majority of business owners who consider moving to renewable energy often question the cost efficiency. Far too many ask, “how much will it cost,” when the real question should be “how much is it worth?”

Renewable Energy Solutions benefit many Businesses

According to the “Hidden Treasure” report from management consultancy Bain and Company, switching to renewable power is the fastest and most cost-effective way for organisations to reduce their carbon footprint. The business sector is the largest consumer of power in the country. On average, this sector buys approximately 56 per cent of the UK’s electricity. For the large businesses that have already switched to renewable energy resources, there are clear benefits.

Multinational consumer good company Unilever has apparently saved over £280m since 2008. This is thanks to their decision to take an eco-friendlier approach to their business. Ikea have also demonstrated promising results. According to their Sustainability Report in 2015, they have saved £115m since 2010. This is again, thanks to energy efficiency measures.

Change is still Necessary

So, why are there not enough businesses taking a leap and converting to renewable energy on a large scale? The benefits of switching are quite clear, especially in the eyes of industry professionals:

  • No more line on the budget for electricity costs.
  • Clear energy costs now as well as the long-term future. This makes it safe from market volatility and third-party costs.
  • No more dependency on the electricity grid.
  • You can feel safe knowing your energy is secured thanks to your own supply.
  • You can even profit by covering your own business usage and selling surplus to the grid.

A Passing Trend

These points should truly be more than enough to convince any business owner to switch to renewable energy solutions. However, despite the strong progress made by world businesses, a recent survey of 1,000 UK-based utility decision makers has revealed that 27 per cent believe renewable energy to be “just a passing trend.”

According to the survey by Haven Power, the most common barrier to adopting long-term renewables targets was is the cost. 37 per cent of respondents cited immediate expenditure as a business barrier. What’s more, 24 per cent cited a lack of government support as a key challenge to renewables uptake.

“It’s clear more needs to be done to demonstrate the wider opportunities and benefits of renewable energy for businesses,” said Paul Sheffield, chief operating officer at Haven Power. “Understanding of renewable energy and its benefits varies greatly from sector to sector. We believe that every industry needs to start taking positive steps to reduce carbon emissions and embrace cleaner energy.”

Renewable Energy Solutions for Businesses

It is the responsibility of engineers in this field to promote the usage of renewable energy solutions. One of the best ways it to explain the some of the paths in which business owners could do down.

Solar Panels

We all know this to be a popular choice for many business owners and home owners. However, those who are yet to make the switch need to be made more aware of their potential savings. One of the main benefits is the ability to use far less energy from the grid during daytime hours. Savings can equal thousands a year depending on the size of the company.


Biomass energy accounts for approximately 85 per cent of the UK’s renewable energy. As well as on a national scale, biomass systems can also be installed in a business. The initial installation cost can be quite daunting to potential customers. This is why it is important to express how much they could save per year (around £800). This should help them to understand that the investment pays for itself.

Over to You

As you can see, we are seeing more and more reasons for businesses to move over to renewable energy. However, it is up to industry experts to help get these reasons across. Having the right training is a good place to start as it gives you all the necessary information to pass onto potential clients. If you would like to learn more about our available courses, get in touch with ECTA to speak to a member of our team.