Merry Christmas from ECTA


Everyone at ECTA wishes you and your families the merriest of Christmases and a Happy New Year for 2021.


We look forward to welcoming those of you who are after a new year new career in 2021.

With 2021 set to be a year of retraining and learning new trades with the ever-changing landscape of the economy and the environment, imagine that those new year resolutions to make a new start could be the reason why next Christmas is the best one yet.

We all want to have a fresh start for 2021, from new diets to finally getting something finished. If a new career is something on your list for 2021, then why not train to become an electrician?

Set a Course for Change

The one thing that the UK needs more than anything is qualified electricians and gas installers. In fact, they are more in demand now than ever before.

With the shift and implementation towards green energy measures, many people are turning to electrical training courses or gas courses in order to capitalise on the growing demand for qualified tradespeople. It stands to reason that those undertaking the courses are set to benefit greatly from the huge influx of work set over the next few years.

If you have a gut feeling that these areas are something you can excel within, then you already have the drive to succeed with a new year new career.

Smart Meter Installation

With Smart Meters becoming the big thing being implemented throughout the UK going forward, you can gain the skills to better educate families and homeowners on how to get the best out of their energy usage.

Many people are sceptical of how Smart Meters will benefit them and even very standoffish when it comes to having them installed, but with good, to great people skills, you can be the person to help them come to terms and understand how this is beneficial and give an understanding of exactly how the data is used to calm their preconceptions.

Everyone wants to do their part to save money, the economy and the planet, so by giving them the knowledge you have in these areas you are able to build reassurance that everyone is taking the right step.

Vehicle Charging Points

Another great area that is growing fast is vehicle charging points, with homes, businesses and service stations beginning the drive to provide cheaper and more efficient service for vehicles.

By taking fully qualified electrician courses you can be at the forefront of this large shift towards providing greener alternatives to travel, with repair work and upgrades along the way providing some great contract potential.

So if you plan for a new start and something that benefits you professionally and your family personally, contact the team at ECTA in the new year and start a glorious new year new career in 2021.