What to Expect from a Gas Engineer Career


The responsibility of helping millions of homes and families stay warm across the United Kingdom is an incredible job undertaken by qualified gas engineers, who hold decades of experience from their gas engineer career.


It’s also not surprising that many people choose this direction in career because of the huge benefits in job security, achievement and above all else earnings that are strong. Those who love using attention to detail and a hands-on approach to workload find a rewarding progression in the industry around their own flexible working hours and the opportunity to progress to running their own business in time.

So what can you expect when starting out on this career road and how do gas courses North West help to prepare you for success within it?

What the Role Encompasses?

It’s fair to state that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that a heating engineer’s focus is on heating.

What this encapsulates is installing and maintaining gas appliances and systems, as well as pipework, fittings and fixtures and all other components that make the premises comfortable and warm. There are many day-to-day activities involved in a gas engineer career to ensure heating systems are doing what they can to save energy, reduce payments and cut down on those all-important carbon emissions.

By both installing and maintaining equipment with testing on controls and devices, a gas engineer is responsible for discovery and repairs on gas leaks and the replacement of faulty parts and systems. It’s a job that involves the potential to save individuals lives and advising them on safety and efficiency.

The Steps of Starting

To begin the career path of a gas heating engineer can either begin via an apprenticeship or gas courses. Sometimes a mixture of the two.

Training courses are an invaluable source of information required that also provides you with the qualifications to be a certified gas engineer. For those with key communication skills, a problem-solving drive and attention to technical planning, the training courses provide a rewarding education to be able to excel in a chosen career in gas heating engineering.

Does Age Play at an Advantage/Disadvantage?

In short, no. Both have distinct advantages no matter what age you decide to undertake the journey into gas engineering.

Primarily the thought of young school leavers gaining an advantage when it comes to time to learn and lesser outside commitments means they have a long term advantage and can build a successful career with an energetic and driven approach. Also, older learners and people who have come from other careers or long term employment may have lesser time due to family commitments, but their focus and expertise are invaluable and more structured to achieve. Although they may have less time to make a success as much as their younger counterparts, they are driven to succeed faster due to their time frames of availability.

To begin a fascinating and prosperous gas engineer career, contact the team at ECTA to begin installing a new career through gas training North West.