Heat Pump Installations Provide a Growth in Trade


Those looking to train to be a gas engineer may suddenly find themselves with extra avenues to earn and those currently certified and skilled can add another professional string to their bow.


With the growing focus on both air source and ground source heat pumps, the UK economy is looking to see a rise not just in smarter greener ways to heat water and households, but also create further qualified tradespeople to meet the consumer demand for these green technologies, such as air source or ground source heat pump.

Will People Make the Change Willingly?

Heat pumps are big in other areas of the world such as Canada, the US and across Europe in Sweden and Switzerland where they are most commonplace. The UK target is for 600,000 heat pump installations per year by 2028. This is an ambitious target, and will fuel the demand for heat pump installer training nationally. Through BEIS and the Midlands Growth Hub, ECTA currently have up to 70% funding available for gas engineers wishing to upskill to install Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal Systems.

With the current drive in the UK to implement greener energy and heating sources, a lot of households still operate traditional gas systems which are set to be abolished in the next few years. This means a huge overhaul in how gas work is done, meaning that traditional gas engineers will require additional renewable energy training in order to make the switch also.

Homeowners will soon be jumping to the many various ways to save on the economy and their homes, and heat pumps will soon be a big part of that drive.

Not Being Late to the Party

Of course, with anything new, there is always resistance from the old.

As with pretty much any learning there is bound to be a natural resistance to the change, which is why it is important to fill that gap in knowledge now so that it can be of greater benefit earlier. Many tradespeople will ride the horse until it dries completely before changing their way of operating. By that time, many will already be at a greater educated and certified level and undertaking the lion’s share of the work.


Government regulations are aiming at making all residential buildings into Zero Carbon homes which means that various carbon-reducing utilities will be implemented, including heat pumps.

The expected rapid growth in air/ground source heat pumps in the UK is positive for those taking up fully qualified gas courses as it will soon provide extra work in a field that is already overflowing with workload and demand.

If you are considering gas training in the North West or would like to take advantage of the current funding opportunities, contact the team at ECTA today for air source or ground source heat pump training.