Teenagers Set for Life With Apprenticeships


It can be a difficult decision after leaving school or college to choose a career path that's right for you. When you undertake a gas engineering apprenticeship, you will gain experience that not only challenges you but provides you with skills for a lifetime.


As your young ones leave high school or college and are looking for a direction to put all their youth and energy into something, they still have the fresh mindset of learning and a great advantage in taking hold of their futures by undertaking training courses in such areas as gas courses or deciding to domestic gas engineer apprenticeships.

If you are wondering why turning to these skilled professions is a great idea to dedicate youth to, then the reasons are enough to raise the eyebrows of any career-focused teenager wanting a grasp on their career.

The Pay

Money is the true motivator in any profession, and the good news about completing gas training courses is that you will be qualified to work within the highest-paid bracket for trade work.

If you are an employed gas engineer your salary is upwards of £25k plus, and with the shortage of skilled workers over the last decade, the short supply of gas engineers means that the work is vast and the ability to charge more for your specialist services has never been better. Gas Engineers have a lot of opportunity to upskill and progress their careers, and can focus on one specific sector or vary their expertise if they wish.

It’s Never Without Challenge

Leaving school or college and joining an entry-level office job can be a soul-crushing exercise, and also a demotivating one. Who wants to realistically apply all their strength and energy into a role with little chance of progression?

When you undertake a gas engineering apprenticeship, you can gain experience that not only challenges you but provides you with skills for a lifetime. Gaining a wealth of  knowledge of practical installation skills, service and repair and health and safety measures mean that you will be a sort after commodity for years to come. With every day presenting new and interesting challenges, rarely will you ever see the same thing twice. Much better than staring out of an office window waiting for home time.

The requirement is Always Needed

Unlike a product, heating and hot water will always be a requirement in the modern world. Therefore, you will have a career that not only is stable but will always have the option of growing and evolving.

As new technologies and greener energy consumption come into play, you have the basis and opportunity to upskill to fast growing technologies, undergoing courses like Heat Pump training, which will future proof your career.

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