Ever Wanted to Be a Gas Engineer?


Would it surprise you to learn that you could be qualified for this profession as a work-ready gas engineer in as little as 25 weeks?


To become a qualified engineer you don’t need to dedicate years to training. In fact, gas courses have enabled those looking for a gateway into the profession to achieve the desired qualifications within months. There is a great call for more gas engineers due to the lack of qualified engineers throughout the UK in 2020.

A recent chart indicated that a 43% shortage in skilled trade workers (of which gas engineers fall into) has made the demand for training new engineers a much higher priority than years previous. This in turn has also resulted in many current engineers having to turn away work because of overstuffed schedules and not having the staff to accommodate the workload.

With so many opportunities rife for newly qualified traders, it makes for a great time to step into the gas engineering field. The average pay a qualified gas engineer starts on is around £32k which is more than the national average start salary alone. Upon further experience gained, your pay could increase to double that amount.

There are new and interesting challenges that come with the practical job at hand, and it can be hard work to become a gas engineer the same as any other skilled profession. It requires being motivated and dedicated to learning as well as not being afraid to get those hands messy on jobs when you train to be a gas engineer in the UK.

Are you a good communicator with personality and character to go along with your practical skillset? Then you may already have an edge on everyone else. You will also require a trait of competency in regards to independent working and problem-solving. Being out in the field you will need to rely on your skills learning and intuition on solving issues.

Today, there are many options when it comes to establishing yourself as a certified gas engineer through gas training North West. Whether through a managed learning programme or apprenticeship, you will need to obtain both an ACS in gas and Gas Safe Registration to be able to work legally in the field.

If you are interested in beginning your journey with gas courses to qualify as a professional gas engineer, now is the perfect time to begin making the change for your future. Get in touch with ECTA today to train to be a gas engineer in the UK.