Electric Vehicle Charging (EV)

Electric Vehicle Charging (EV)


 A 25-day intensive course which takes you through the journey to become an Electrical Vehicle Charging Point installer!  This course consists of:

Course details

Who should take this course? 

Those who are wishing to become competent EV Charging Installers.

Why should I take this course?

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular because of rising fuel prices and government targets to reduce the number of petrol and diesel vehicles on the road. Due to this, the demand for electric vehicle charging is also rising and at the moment there is a lack of competent engineers to meet the demand.

What do I need to take this course?

This course is aimed at new entrants to the industry, therefore you don’t need any prior qualifications, although we would expect a reasonable level of Maths and English and mechanical aptitude. We will invite you in for an initial assessment prior to you booking on this course, this will allow us to assess your suitability, and allow us to ensure you fully understand the requirements of the programme. There is no charge for this initial assessment, so please contact us to arrange an appointment if you think that this might be the route for you.

Course Description

A five week intense training programme which covers:

  • Basic Electrical Installation

This covers installation methods, lighting circuits, radial power circuits, earthing & bonding procedures, selection of equipment, cable sizing, calculating load demands, introduction to electrical regulations, health & safety, safe isolation procedures & electrical calculations

  • Domestic Electrical Installer

This covers building regulations, electrical safety legislation, pre-work survey/inspection,  identification of unsafe electrical situations, earthing and bonding requirements, electrical test procedures, cable and component selection, installation and replacement of electrical components, checking the correct an safe operation of installed electrical components, recording of electrical test results and completion of certification, installing/rerouting cables, special locations, circuit requirements and maintaining electrical installations

  • Level 3 Requirements of Electrical Installations BS7671:2018

This covers the new 18th Edition of the wiring regulations which came in to force January 2019

  • Level 3 Award in the Initial Verification & Certification of Electrical Installations

This covers preparation for initial inspection and testing, safe working practices, requirements for electrical certification, initial inspection of electrical installations, instrument selection, accuracy and operation, “dead” tests, live tests, verification of voltage drop and completion of certificates.

  • Electrical Vehicle Charging Point Installations

This covers the introduction EV charging, electric vehicles, government legislation and incentives, BS7671 supply requirements, installation requirements, protection requirements and the IET Code of Practice product demonstration.

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Electric Vehicle Charging (EV)

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Duration 25 Days
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