Demand is High for You and Your Skills


Even those who don’t have any immediate threat to their industry feel the need to learn more and it is these individuals who see the advantage of learning a new trade for upcoming demands.


No matter if you are mid-life or starting out in it, there is always a fear of your skills becoming obsolete as the world moves forward. However, an adult electrical apprenticeship with ECTA could be the re-start button to press in order to get your electrical career started or get it back on track.

This requires everyone to evolve in their way of learning and adapting their skills into something new because what we learn through life gives us the experience to put to the test in everything going forward.

High Demand from Shortage

Skilled tradesmen and women are currently hotly in demand throughout the UK, with employers struggling to fill vacancies and a larger amount of work far exceeding the qualified experts available.

This has seen an increase in skilled trades wanting to add domestic electricians to their list of qualifications, undergoing fully qualified electrician courses to capitalise on the demand. With almost a quarter of vacancies across the UK coming from an increased skills shortage, those with even a passing interest in electrical work are starting to notice the advantage in setting new career goals.

Target Aims

With many sectors hit within 2020 for the rollout of housing development and smart meter implementation, there is immense pressure on the trade sector to catch up to the target that was set.

Unfortunately, this has resulted in the trades industry being hugely affected by the skills shortage. Electrical apprenticeship schemes are struggling to also meet candidates to meet the increasing demand. The younger demographic is not as interested in learning trades as they were in previous generations or feeling that online working is where the future lies, but find themselves suddenly lost when it comes to electrical problems around the house.

With the older generations of electricians now focused on retirement or winding down their workload, there is a sizable gap in knowledge that is being lost in a trade. This is a lucrative gap that needs to be filled and a wealth of electrical work awaiting those new entrants looking to train to become an electrician.

Learning Life Skills

In training to take on new skills, you already have a valuable set of tools to back them up with adult electrical apprenticeship.

If you have the ability to communicate well, are fully organised and have a great work ethic, then you have all the tools you need to be able to gain qualifications from electrical training courses. With businesses struggling in this modern age, there is no better time to put all your skills together to become your own boss and manage your own potential around your commitments. With a skilled trade such as an electrician, you can manage your own workload and leverage yourself within the growing gap the market currently has, as well as fully utilise your training on certified courses to better yourself and your family life.

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