What Holds You Back From Making That Career Change?


The reasons behind the decision to change are different for each individual, but the long term benefits of taking the dive into new areas are usually the same for everyone, both mentally and financially.


It is human nature to question whether you should stay put or make the move towards what you really want to do. In the case of electrical careers, it is a stigma that affects every decision in moving onto greener pastures, but we all tend to do much better when the initial hesitation is overcome.

Building Skills

It is always healthy to learn new things and adopt new techniques in doing things, such as those who train to become an electrician do.

When you undertake a step into a new profession, you accept the steps out of your comfort zone and undertake new learning practices and skills. Initially, you may find yourself rejecting new systems and routines of working which is a natural shift in time, but you will find enforcement of your current skills come into play also.

If your current job is not providing you with new skills or experience then it can suddenly grow mundane and unchallenging, leading to periods of boredom and yearning to do something different.

Better Financial Positioning

What if we were to tell you that people who stay where they are for security tend to earn 50% less than those who make a transition into something that better suits their well-being?

Remaining with the same company provides less of a long term financial benefit as annual rises are typically based on base salary percentage, which means you will rarely if at all be making what you wish to. By taking the leap you are developing skills and experience in order to set your own rates and not settle for workplace minimums. Fully qualified electrician courses open the doors to be able to set up working for yourself and charging double what you earn to be in a much more comfortable lifestyle for the same amount of workload if wanted.

Job Fulfillment

We all have suffered that sinking feeling of working in a workplace that is not fulfilling, or surrounded by people you just can’t stand spending huge amounts of your week around but electrical careers can change your outlook on the conventional work environment forever.

It can be draining being around people that suck the energy out of you by not being compatible and over time they become the reason why you want to change things up. The inside needs to change your surroundings and the people you see day in and out has a huge mental effect on us over time, so in undertaking such steps like electrical training courses you are taking steps to move away from negative focus and put your career in your own hands.

If you are contemplating the change and interested in electrical or gas courses as a vibrant change of career, contact the team at ECTA today, for the best start to your electrical careers.