Post Qualification Tips for the Starter Electrician


If you are fresh from completing fully qualified electrician courses, you may be eager to dive in headfirst and gain as much work as possible. After all, you have a reputation to build within the business in order to make good headway and it does not happen overnight when you're a newly qualified electrician.


There are many things that you can implement into your work to help you fast gaining a reputation as a reliable, and effective, person of the trade from your clients even as a newly qualified electrician.

Build a Portfolio of Evidence

If you have done a great job then be sure to get as much from each job as you put in.

Take photographs of the jobs that you do as a before and after (should the client mind) so that you can showcase the radical improvements you have made to the job at hand. Anyone can talk about a job they have done, but with pictures saying a thousand words you can be sure that they highlight “Professional” and “Quality” within them.

If a client is thankful for the work you have done, ask them for a testimonial of the great service you have provided. Again anyone can say they did the job and it was perfect, but having that accolade from the client speaks much further.

Embrace the Digital

When you have spent all that time in order to train to become an electrician you also need to promote yourself to get yourself noticed.

Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram are a huge boost to the career of a dedicated electrician. Being able to provide the evidence you have collected such as photographs and testimonials on your generated business pages will have a far wider reach than handing out a business card or two.

If you have a website built then you can generate posts that lead your ideal clients to it and bring in much more local business. You can also ask clients to give ratings and online shares of any posts you put out.

Refer Friends of Clients

Being referred by a satisfied client is the most golden work you can find; it’s practically an open door to new business.

Having your clients contact their friends and refer you as the best electrician they can find not only a shining recommendation from them but also they put their trust in you to do the job right for their friends and family. This can open up regular clients who are happy to refer you to their friends and so on and so on…

This is the ideal space to have plenty of business cards to hand out to clients so they can be a free and reliable source of business as you start out. Remember, everyone has instances of electrical requirements so you can really benefit from building even the smallest relationship on each job. You could even offer a percentage off another job for those that successfully refer a new client, giving something back for their consideration.

Be realistic with your Promise

Remember that, as a newly qualified electrician, what you promise is what you will be held to.

If your advertising says ‘No Job Too Small’ or ‘Will Be Out Within 48 Hours’, then you are going to have to work to those ideals. It is important to really think about your business core values and how you can maintain them. The more work you take on, the more difficult it can become to fit more people in.

So look at the positives that you can get the job done right, fully qualified through electrical training courses and have a solid word of mouth and service. For more information on a successful transition into the world of an electrician, contact the team at ECTA.