Building the Electrician Reputation


When you have taken all of that time within electrical training courses there is always one thing that is playing in the back of your mind; Just how do you begin the build towards becoming a reputable and trustworthy electrician?


Have you been persistently searching ‘electrician courses near me’ in search of the perfect opportunity to become an electrician?

Having all of the tools and energy training qualifications may be the ingredients, but to fully forge your career and earn more than just a living in the business you are going to require a consistent and glowing reputation.

Showing up and successfully doing the job is one thing and word of mouth can get you so far, but there are ways to really boost your work rate and solidify a great reputation that does not take a lot of effort to maintain.

Showcase Your Efforts

Don’t be afraid to be proud of your work. By taking pictures of your jobs and logging them through social media, you never know who may be looking for that kind of service.

With social media platforms like Facebook being a prime area for business post-2020, opportunities for local electricians who can reach potential clients can reinforce their professionalism by showcasing not just the jobs they have completed, but also having the client comment on the post or even write up a testimonial that can be shared.

As strong word of mouth is still a more certain avenue of new clients, it’s important to adapt to the avenues that these new clients relate to.

Set Up Referral Relationships

As you begin to build a solid customer base you can also find avenues of working together.

One trusted way is to set up some form of referral relationship, where you could offer discounts on any upcoming work in return for them providing you with solid contracts with more clients. Other avenues that can lead to a solid work rate is checking out networking groups or institutions that look for qualified electricians, giving you access to many business owners recommending your services to their clients.

These occasions require extra levels of attention and care when it comes to work, as it is not just your reputation that can suffer if you don’t show up or do a job that does not meet expectations.

Request Reviews

Much like a glowing testimonial, asking your customers to leave positive reviews on your service speaks a much higher volume than you can ever promote.

One such place is on engines like Google reviews or Yell, where people will discover you from a search for a local service in your area. Facebook pages also supply a review and rate section that your customers can provide a history of great work. Remember that these can also draw any customers who are dissatisfied so be sure to handle every client with the very best in respect and care at all times, even if they can be difficult.

When you train to become an electrician you have the goal of becoming the best at the profession, so upon completing fully qualified electrician courses and jumping into the world of an electrician, giving yourself a little reinforcement by solid ratings and relationships helps you to achieve all your electrician goals.