Policies unveiled for post-COVID revival


A recent study by Eurelectric shows that, throughout the lockdown period, the entire electricity value chain was affected by the measurements taken to limit the spread of the virus.


Based in Brussels, the group’s recommended policies address the necessary measures for combatting the negative impacts of lockdowns on numerous segments of the electricity value chain. This includes distribution grids, markets, generation and even retail and customer services.

To reset activity and accelerate the clean energy transmission, the power sector has called for the following:

Establishing concrete measures for accelerating the deployment of zero-carbon infrastructure projects. This will also require close monitoring of the risk of a shortage of critical materials and skilled workforce via the national recovery plans for the electricity value chain.

Stimulating capital-intensive investments in carbon-neutral generation. This will be done through an efficient framework that can offer long-term visibility and certainty to the electricity value chain.

Supporting the electrifications of buildings and transportation. At the same time, creating a successful path of ambitious skilling objectives for workers, through the Renovation wave initiative.

Allowing entrants to the labour market to receive the correct skills and provide access to adequate reskilling and upskilling for experienced employees, particularly digital and new technologies.

Preserving the financial capacity of distribution grids, as well as the mitigation of economic risks for electricity suppliers. These have come under direct impact by the break on bills and delayed payments.

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