Logic Certification

Level 4 Gas Safety Management in Social Housing


This QCF qualification is aimed at those who have supervisory or managerial responsibility for gas work completed in social housing. A comprehensive course, covering both technical and legal aspects of the role, it gives the learner the confidence to deal with contractors, and the knowledge to ensure that they are meeting the legal obligation of their role.

Course details

This nationally recognised course is completed as a distance learning programme, with full support provided by an allocated ECTA mentor. It requires the learner to read around the subject, and gain a deep understanding of the units, by researching industry standards and guidance documents, as well as examining the procedures used to manage gas works.

Learners will:

  • Know and understand combustion and Carbon Monoxide
  • Know and understand flueing and ventilation of gas appliances
  • Know and understand the design, types, operation and installation of gas appliances, meters and pipework
  • Know and understand the management responsibilities in managing gas safety in Social Housing
  • Know and understand the legislative requirements affecting the management of gas safety in social housing environments

No previous knowledge or experience of gas is required, but candidates should be in role where they are involved in Gas work in Social Housing. The course includes a Logic Certification Domestic Gas Manual, assessments and full support from an allocated ECTA mentor.

Qualification Reference: 600/7942/3 Credit Value: 15

Unit References:

  • R/503/2423 – Combustion and Carbon Monoxide – Credit Value: 1
  • H/503/2426 – Flueing and Ventilation of Gas Appliances – Credit Value: 2
  • M/503/2431 – Appliances, Meters and Pipework – Credit Value: 4
  • T/503/2423 – Gas Safety Management in Social Housing – Credit Value: 4
  • J/503/2435 – Gas Safety Legislation – Credit Value: 4



Level 4 Gas Safety Management in Social Housing

Newby Road Industrial Estate, Newby Road, Stockport, SK7 5DA
Duration 1 Year
Cost £1200
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