Case Study – Smart Metering


Mike trained to become a Dual Fuel Smart Meter Installer with ECTA in 2017 and in his words it was the best decision he ever made.


“I worked in a fabrication factory for nearly 30 years, and always felt I could do more. It was a reasonably skilled job, but offered no opportunity for progression, and the salary was not fantastic. My son did a Smart Meter course with ECTA, and couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the course, and the job once he had passed the training. This gave me the push I needed to change my life.  

Being a Smart Meter installer is the best move I have ever made. The guys at ECTA were so helpful and supportive during the training period, and although it wasn’t easy, the benefits are worth the hard work. I am now earning more than I ever dreamt I could, and the company I work for are brilliant. I love the variety of the role, and meeting the different customers – every day is different. I really would encourage people to take the plunge – it is scary making such a massive step, but completely worth it”

Case study questions 

  • What course did you complete through ECTA?  

Level 2 Diploma in Smart Metering Dual Fuel 

  • Why did you decide to do the course? 

I was bored in my old job. I wasn’t earning a great deal, and there were no opportunities for progression. I had worked in the factory for nearly 30 years, and couldn’t bear the thought of finishing my working days there! When my son did the course and told me how much he had enjoyed it, and then started earning good money as a Smart Meter Installer, I decided it was something I wanted to do.  

  • Was there anything significant in your life that led to you starting the course? 

There wasn’t one significant event, but more a combination of boredom at work, wanting to earn more money, and my son doing so well after completing it. 

  • If you did the smart metering course, where did you hear about smart meter fitting as a career path? What opportunities do you think it can bring? (if applicable) 

I heard about it through my son.  

  • What job did you have prior to taking the course? Did you undertake any education qualifications? 

I was a production operative in a fabrications factory.  

  • Have you been able to gain a new job since achieving the qualification?  

I completed my work placement with Providor and started work with them as soon as I had completed the qualification. Before I started the course,  ECTA ensured that the company who were providing my mentored work placement were actively recruiting in the area I live in – this meant that as long as I passed the qualification and performed well during the mentored work placement there would be a position available for me once I finished.  

  • What was the most enjoyable/challenging part of the training? 

There is a lot of information to take in – for someone like me who hadn’t been in a classroom for years it can be tough! However, it was always enjoyable, with a good mix of theory and practical hands on training.  

I really felt confident once I had finished.  

  • How did ECTA Training support you throughout your course? 

All the staff at ECTA are friendly and approachable – I really can’t thank them enough for their help and support. If I didn’t understand something, the tutors would spend extra time with me making sure I got it!  

  • What impact do you think the training will have on your future opportunities both personally and professionally? 

The training has had a massive impact on my life. I am now earning more money than I ever did before, and most importantly enjoying my work!  

  •  What is your family situation? E.g. married, kids? 

I am married with grown up children 

  •  What advice would you give to someone considering this course? 

Do it!! I honestly can’t think of a downside. 

  •  Why did you choose ECTA Training over other trade skills firms? 

My son recommended them 

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