Keep your Business Safe from Tool Theft



Tool theft is on the rise. Over 50 per cent of builders in the UK is falling victim to the crime, according to research held by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB). A loss in tools can have a huge impact on the performance of a business. Jobs cannot be started or finished if you suddenly find yourself without the tools to do what’s been asked.

How to Keep Your Business Safe from Tool Theft

Here are some words of advice to ensure that your tools are kept as safe as possible from potential thieves.

Park in a Safe Location

When working on a job, it is important that you keep your vehicle parked in a secure location, potentially near CCTV if possible. It is quite common for thieves to target vehicles in broad daylight, so don’t let the sun deter you from parking in the safest possible space.

Add Vehicle Locks

It is becoming more common for thieves to break into vans these days, thanks to techniques such as “peel and steal”. Therefore, we highly suggest that you install strong locks around the vehicle. This will ensure that there is further protection against those who attempt to access the vehicle without your knowledge.


Adding stickers to your vehicle is something we also suggest for the safety of your tools. Adding stickers emphasises the message that no tools have been left overnight, giving thieves less of a reason to break in and take anything.


For that extra precaution, we suggest that you install extra alarms and immobilisers to the vehicle. This will discourage thieves from their attempts and stop the movement of the vehicle in the event of anyone trying to take off with it.

Glove Compartment

For the smaller, yet valuable assets, use the glove compartment in your vehicle to keep them well-hidden. This is a good place for things such as your keys or valuable documents.

GPS Tracking

You may even wish to consider investing in small GPS trackers for your tools. These operate on a global network and can be seen on a live map if they are to ever disappear. Depending on the area you live in and the likelihood of theft occurring, this could save you money on replacing them time and time again.


Of course, we will also mention that it may simply be wise to not leave your tools in your vehicle overnight, no matter how convenient it may seem. Regardless, these extra steps can keep your tools safe from theft, even in the daytime. What’s more, going the extra mile to protect your tools and business can help reduce the costs of insurance!

Stay Business Ready with ECTA

Well, now that you know what you can do to keep your tools protected, it’s time to make sure you have the right skills to run that business in the first place! At ECTA, we offer a wide range of training courses for your engineering career, whether it be electrical, gas, smart meter or more. Get in touch to learn more.