A ‘one stop shop’ for contractors


Many customers are now asking for a 'one stop shop' from their contractors.


Many customers are now asking for a ‘one stop shop’ from their contractors.

This Ultimate Commercial package will allow you to work on all the main elements in Commercial Heating & Commercial Catering, along with both Test & Purge elements. Packages save you time and money, and doing as many elements as you can together means one certification fee. It begins with two days refresher training , including an up to date Logic Certification Commercial Gas Safety Manual and then followed by up to 6 days of assessments. The course can be split, so you can have a bit of break between assessments. Just give us a call for more details or advice.

ACS qualifications can be retaken up to 6 months before expiry without losing any time on them – for example, if your qualifications expire in December 2015 you can take them in July 2015 and they will still expire in December 2020. So if you have a quiet week, and your qualifications are expiring within the next 6 months, give us a call and avoid that last minute panic which always falls when you are up to your eyes in work!

We recommend you sit the assessments at least 6 weeks before they expire – this allows time for your certificates to come through, and avoids any unpleasantness with Gas Safe!

The cost includes a standard certification fee. Additional elements can be added for an additional fee. Please see the full list of ACS elements offered at ECTA here. This package is available without training if required. Please contact us for pricing.