New Year, New Career: Get Ready for a Job in Engineering in 2019



We’re finally in 2019! With the new year underway, many of you have probably made it your mission to find a new career. So, what about a new career in engineering? Whether you have worked in a similar field before, or are completely new, it pays to be prepared. So, here we have a guide get you ready for a job in engineering in 2019!

Getting a Job in Engineering in 2019: the right Training is Essential

The first, and most important thing is that having the right training for your career choice is essential. The 18th Edition is finally here, so your electrical training should definitely be updated. If you’re completely new, then speaking to us about the courses available will help you to decide which path you should take.

Update your CV

Once you are up to date with the necessary training, it’s time to spruce up your CV. This is to ensure that not only can your employers contact you by using the correct information, but to see your skills, ambitions and personality. Your old CV can become outdated very quickly, with new CVs piling on top of it and leaving it unread when employers hunt for new team members. Be sure to double check your grammar, and even consider a new layout!

Online Presence

Though you may not realise, many employers are searching for you online. When you hand them your CV, they are likely to check what kind of character you are outside of the workplace to see if it will affect your professionalism if they employ you. Due to this, it’s important to give your social media a good old-fashioned spring clean to ensure they know you’re an ideal candidate!

Professional Social Networking

If you’re not already, it may be worth signing up to LinkedIn and connecting to professionals within the engineering industry. Start with co-workers and friends and follow local businesses who could become potential employers. LinkedIn gives them inside knowledge into who you are and what you’re up to. It’s like a digital CV for recruiters and employers to seek out those who may be a great choice for the job. You may even end up with a job that hasn’t been advertised!

Get a Plan

Create a list of the engineering companies or areas you are really interested in. Not knowing how to get your foot in the door is usually because you don’t have a plan. Draw up a list of the engineering companies you would like to work for, whether they be large or local and independent, and approach them. It doesn’t matter if they’re advertising vacancies or not, show them your desire to be a part of the team. Career go-getters will freely admit that most of the jobs they have gained were not formally advertised. Instead, these people approached companies of their own choice and persevered.

Talk to ECTA

You would be surprised by how having a plan and targeting the job you really want can give you both the confidence and hire-ability boost you need. However, starting with your skills is ideal for giving yourself the best possible chance of kick-starting your new career in engineering. ECTA is here to help with that first stepping stone. To learn more about our range of courses, or for any questions, get in touch.