Key Dates for the 18th Edition



As the 18th Edition has come into play, we have received many questions regarding deadlines for the changes. We thought that it may be helpful to provide you with a blog post of all the key dates for the 18th Edition that you should have down and remembered.

1st July 2018: The First  of the Key Dates for the 18th Edition

This is a date that you should already be well aware of. The 18th Edition was released on 1st July 2018. This means that from now, if you wish to do a wirings course, you must make sure that you are taking the 18th Edition. The 17th Edition is now officially outdated.

1st January 2019

You can hardly forget this date, as it is New Year’s Day. However, it is extremely important in our industry as it makes the date for all installations to comply with the 18th Edition. From this date onwards, you must have an understanding of the changes and design in accordance with them. This applies even if you are not qualified with the 18th Edition. What’s more, if you are assessed by your scheme provider then you must be done so against the 18th Edition.

Your next Assessment Date

This date is one that you, and only you, will know. From 1st January 2019, it is quite likely that you must hold the 18th edition qualification by the date of your next assessment. For scheme providers who have suggested a grace period of 6-12 months, there may be some flexibility.

1st July 2019

We expect that by this date, most scheme providers will no longer apply a grace period. As such, we would suggest that this is the final date for you to pass your 18th Edition and hold the necessary qualifications. However, you may not wish to wait too long. You may find that there is a late rush. This would make finding course places with reputable providers quite difficult.

If in doubt, the best thing is to speak to your scheme provider. What is clear is that, once the new year arrives, you must make sure that you are up to speed. This date is crucial as you will be assessed against the 18th Edition. The common sense is for you to gain the qualification sooner rather than later.

Talk to ECTA

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