Help your customers keep Energy bills down over Summer



With the days being longer, warmer, and frankly, more enjoyable, families will likely want more money in their pockets to enjoy outdoor activities. One way they can save money is through their energy bills! As a professional, you are likely the first person who can offer face to face advice for keeping energy bills down over summer. So, here are some words of wisdom you can pass on to your customers to help them save money.

Heating isn’t necessary

Though we do get cold days during the British summer, it is incredibly unlikely that the temperature will be low enough to require heating. Encourage your clients to stay warm with layers, blankets and hot water bottles before reaching for the thermostat. And don’t forget, nothing warms the body up better than a hot meal or a cosy warm drink!

If people do feel like they simply cannot warm up with these first options, then they may turn to the heating as a last resort. To keep the energy bills down, remind them to keep the temperature lower than they would during winter and to only heat up the rooms that are in use. Anything else would be wasteful in terms of both money and energy.

Drying clothes

When the weather gets warm, there should be less need for the tumble dryer. However, you’d be surprised to learn how many households still rely on it to keep their clothes dry during summer. Encourage your customers to make the most of the sunshine and find ways to let the warm weather dry their clothes. If they do insist on using the dryer, even if only once in a while, why not recommend eco-friendlier appliances?

Off-peak hours

As the days get longer and warmer, everyone should rely less on many home utilities. Homeowners should be taking advantage of the good weather by spending less time with home appliances and technology during peak times. Electrical companies often charge less for off-peak energy consumption, so it’s always worth checking when these hours are.

Boiler upgrades

We have previously spoken about summer boiler maintenance, but if your customers find that they need their boiler replaced, now would be the best time for them. A summer boiler upgrade is often more beneficial as no one will be cold during the process. It will also mean that the home doesn’t lose any days of warmth during the cold season.


Remind your customers that if they plan ahead now, they will be grateful for the money they will then save during winter. They will also be glad that their home is in the best condition it can be for keeping everyone warm.

Expand your knowledge with ECTA

Your customers will be happy to receive your service if you are willing to go the extra mile with advice that will save them money and energy. Of course, you cannot be there to give this advice if you don’t have the qualifications to do your job! With a wide range of courses from ECTA, you can relax knowing you have all the knowledge you need to provide the best service possible. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch.