UK ‘must repower existing wind farms to bridge energy gap’



According to a new report, the energy sector trade body warns that the UK could lose more than 8GW of onshore wind generation if ageing sites are not upgraded with bigger and better wind turbines in the next 20 years.

The end of its lifespan

The study demonstrates that this capacity, which is known to be ‘at risk’, makes up around 17.5 per cent of the country’s entire power output. It seems that many of the countries original commercial wind farms will soon be no longer fit for purpose as they are reaching the end of their 20 to 25-year operational life.

Call to action

It now calls for an implementation of new policies to avoid this, which would be done by building wind turbines on proven wind farm sites. However, it notes that onshore wind development is currently hindered by the lack of support from the government. Without this much-needed support, it believes the nation could backtrack on progress with climate goals.

The report warns the UK could expect to see a low carbon electricity generation gap of up to 18 per cent of current demand by 2030. If wind farms are not repowered soon, the expected percentage could grow.

An urgent appeal

RenewableUK’s Deputy CEO Emma Pinchbeck said, “This should be an easy win on climate change that cuts emissions and secures cheap power for consumers.

“The public mood is for more urgent action to tackle climate change and this is a concrete example of where the government can act to avoid backsliding on progress against our carbon reduction targets. We need to see positive policies in place that will keep Britain powered up with clean, affordable electricity.”

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