The UK must spend more on Green Energy Research



Back in 2015, on the sidelines of the Paris climate summit, David Cameron vowed to double green energy research and development by 2020. With 2020 merely months away, the United Kingdom is on course to break this vow. As a percentage of GDP, spending on low-carbon energy and R&D has remained around 0.2 per cent since the promise was made. This is according to data from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

The global concern with green energy research

The UK isn’t alone on this either. According to the IEA, rich OECD counties are only spending 0.3 per cent of GDP on low-carbon energy R&D. This percentage has also stayed the same since the vow was made.

The core promises written in the Paris Agreement are still not being met. A recent study revealed that only 16 countries are sticking to their promises to reduce the growth of carbon emissions. However, they are only doing so as they promised to do very little. But the R&D promise is different. Investment in green energy can make a huge difference against climate change, which is why the UK and rich countries should not be ignoring this commitment.

A long way to go

Green energy is yet to take over fossil fuels, so promising to cut emissions often means choking growth. However, this approach rarely succeeds. The reality is that solar and wind energy only delivers approximately 1 per cent of global energy combines. The IEA estimates that even by 2040, these sources will cover just over 4 per cent of global energy.

Despite the government pushing for the roll-out of green energy tech, there are still problems that lie within renewables. You can read more about it in this article by the Spectator.

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