The Road to Success as an Electrician


Never before has the position of becoming one of the nations successful electricians presented so much in the way of rewards for career advancement than the growing requirement from shortages of certified professionals in the field.


Everyone needs electrical services for sure, from simple home-based requirements to maintenance to large construction projects. Upon completion of electrical training courses, and having the education, dedication and drive to want to become one of the most successful electricians will support such a career you can benefit from a renewed requirement for this professional practice.

Training and Experience Will Await

Like any career you start upon, there is always the requirement of starting fresh from the bottom rung of the ladder.

When starting your career as an electrician, you start as an apprentice. There are a few years learning under a master electrical contractor learning the intricacies and precautions of the job before being permitted to try your hand at working alone.

As you will require a lot of overcoming even the most basic of electrical challenges that await you as a newcomer to this field, most trainees mix their apprenticeship with fully qualified electrician courses to gain the correct certifications to be able to handle work carried out. It is an essential part of the process and will make you one of the most successful electricians.

Research and Plan

To be an electrical contractor you are going to have to get the credentials to do the job, which means passing the exams.

This requires a lot of independent learning and research as well as the hands-on learning from an apprenticeship. By engaging both you find the ideal and safe way to handle problems and gain answers to any questions that present themselves. You don’t want to learn half a job, so you will need to dedicate equal amounts of effort to both areas in order to train to become an electrician.

Choosing Your Direction

Upon completion of your apprenticeship, your focus needs to be on which area of expertise you want to dedicate your career to.

Some electricians focus on purely residential whilst others focus on the big money commercial contracts, but you could also factor in both if you have the skillset. Residential electricians tend to focus more on home construction or maintenance jobs whilst the commercial preference hones in on the office, factory or building contracts.

Smart meter implementation has provided a dramatic increase in residential properties as well as commercial, so you won’t be stuck for work whichever direction you decide upon.

Remember the Dangers Involved

Electricians face danger on every job and need to be alert at all times to the risks each individual job exposes them and their clients to.

This also factors into the equipment you use on each job, which is usually high powered tools of the trade. Anything from faulty wiring to loose sockets could cause much harm or death so it is always a case of evaluating every job as potentially hazardous. Not necessarily is every job the same level of risk.

To circumvent this you also need to be in good shape as electrical work involves climbing and manoeuvres to safely work around electrical fittings in some cases within homes and commercial properties. It’s a physical lifestyle, so it’s best to be fit to handle the workload.

To begin your journey into this exciting new career path, contact the team at ECTA to light up the steps to a fully qualified electrical career by becoming one of the nations successful electricians.