Customer Care: Signs your property needs rewiring


As properties age, repair work is required.


In many cases, this can include a completely rewiring your home. Over time, wires can show signs of wear and tear, which could lead to serious damage if ignored. Of course, as an electrical engineer, you will already know this. Your customers, however, may not be so aware. This is why this week we have put together a handy guide for your customers so they can determine whether their property needs rewiring or not.

Signs your property needs rewiring

If your customer thinks their home may need a rewire but are not sure, they should get in touch with you for a home inspection. However, it helps if they know the warning signs that can indicate whether rewiring the home is necessary. But what are these signs?

Outlet Problems

As time goes by, outlets can loosen from the wall. They should always be replaced as soon as this happens. If not, the outlet will allow wiring to hang out of the wall, which is quite dangerous. Your customers should contact you to tighten those outlets back into place or replace them completely.

If your customers notice a buzzing or sizzling noise, this is hazardous and should also be inspected by a professional immediately.

Discoloured outlets and switches

Discolouration of outlets or switches is a sign of either faulty wiring or a loose connection. Loose connections in outlets can cause arcing and sparking, which could eventually result in a fire. Ignoring any discolouration is dangerous and could lead to serious, life-threatening problems.

There is also the possibility that the issue could be coming from the wiring within the walls. In this case, your customer may not be able to see any discolouration of the power outlets or switches.

Electric shocks

Electric shocks from outlets should never be ignored, as even the smallest tingle is a sign of danger. Your customers should move away from the outlet and contact you immediately.

Flickering lights

Flickering or dimming lights may not be a serious issue and could be nothing more than a bulb not being properly screwed in or simply needing to be changed. However, if the flickering occurs throughout the home, this could be a sign of faulty wiring.

Persistent burning smell

If your customers happen to notice a persistent burning smell and can’t seem to find the source, this could be a sign that the property has an electrical issue. In this case, the power should be switched off at the circuit and your customer should get in touch immediately.

Blown fuses and tripping circuit breaker

The circuit breaker is there to cut off electrical flows when a circuit surpasses the number of aps it can handle. This is a safety measure designed to prevent fires. When the electrical system begins to feel run down and can no longer take the electricity usage in the home, it may blow or trip. If this occurs, it may be a direct result of bad wiring and may mean rewiring your home.

There are other reasons behind a circuit breaker that trips, including faulty or overheating electrical appliances. If your customer isn’t sure what the direct cause could be, a circuit breaker tester can help figure this out.

Aluminium wiring

If the property happens to have aluminium wiring instead of copper wiring, there may be a high risk of serious injury. Aluminium wire connections have a higher chance of failing, which can then cause overheating, potentially followed by a fire. Customers can identify whether their wiring is made from aluminium by the letters ‘AL’ written on the coating of the wire.

The importance of a professional rewiring service

Customers should never take the DIY approach when it comes to their wiring, and you should be able to offer the necessary services to ensure their home stays safe. With a range of courses from ECTA, you can be there to repair any damages with no problems. Get in touch to learn more about the electrical courses we offer.