UK government extends renewable heat projects implementation period


The UK government has provided foreign applicants to its Renewable Heat Incentive scheme with an additional 14 months to implement their projects. This extension has been given as a response to the delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


A recent statement regarding the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme from the Department for Busines Energy and Industrial Strategy states that the extension from the previous deadline of 21st January 2021 is valid for applications submitted before 29th June. The deadline has now moved to March 2022, while a third allocation will be open to applications in July.

Under the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, any company that would like to generate large-scale renewable heat for the power grid will receive a set tariff for a 20-year period.

“With government support, these vital projects are on course to stop 108 million tonnes of CO2 from polluting the atmosphere, while also helping to create new green-collar job,” energy minister Kwasi Kwarteng commented.

As well as this, the government said that the domestic RHI has also received an extension of 12 months, changing the deadline to March 2022.

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