Lidl invests €1 million in solar panels at Newbridge centre



Lidl has received a grant from Kildare Country Council to install energy-saving solar panels at its distribution centre in Newbridge. This plan is currently under construction. The installation will see an investment of €1 million at this site, which is an addition to the already committed €1 million for the installation of solar power across its store network.

Lidl invests €1 million in solar panels

Once installed, the facility’s solar panels will produce more than 1 million kilowatts of energy per hour. According to the company, this is equivalent to meeting the electricity requirements of 240 homes. What’s more, it will reduce the centre’s carbon output by around 473 tonnes on a yearly basis.

Lidl said the new investment means that over a quarter of its energy requirements in Ireland will come from solar power.

Striving for sustainability

“We were very clear when building our largest distribution centre that we would integrate the latest sustainability innovations that will generate ongoing energy savings,” Alan Barry, director of Property & Central Services at Lidl, said in a statement last week.

“The installation of solar panels at our distribution facility in Newbridge will generate over 25% of the building’s energy requirements.”

He added: “This facility is a major part of our distribution network and will allow us to continue to expand, offering shoppers more and more quality products at the lowest prices. The facility will include a wide range of sustainability features including electric cars and charging points, LED lighting, natural refrigerants, heat recovery technology.”

Less energy, more jobs

Lidl will work with Waterford based Enerpower, who will supply the 4,364 individual panels. These will then be installed on the roof of the distribution facility and will be the largest installation of PV solar panels in Ireland.

“Work on this new facility will bring a major jobs boost to the local area with up to 2,000 construction jobs created during the construction phase followed by a further 100 new full-time roles joining the 250 permanent staff already employed,” said Kildare County Council CEO Peter Carey. “The local community will also benefit from the construction of a new relief road locally which Lidl has committed to as part of the development.”

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