ECTA – After the course


Making the decision to train for a new career can be daunting. Investing in training programmes and courses may seem risky, particularly for those who are returning to education after a long break and have a family to support.


ECTA – After the course

One of the biggest worries for people on industry skills training courses is whether their time, money and effort will result in a job at the end of it.

The good news for candidates accepted onto an ECTA Level Two Smart Meter Diploma is that there will almost certainly be a permanent position waiting for them at the end of it.
Not only that; the skills learned and qualifications gained on an ECTA Smart Meter course will act as a springboard into the wider utilities industry for those whose sights are set on building a new career for themselves.

Can ECTA really offer guaranteed permanent employment?

It sounds too good to be true but ECTA are able to guarantee permanent employment with a metering company providing two important conditions have been met by the student.
Firstly, ECTA can only offer guaranteed permanent employment to students who have successfully completed all elements of the relevant Smart Meter course. For example, students taking the Level Two Dual Fuel Smart Meter Diploma must have passed all of their practical and theoretical exams, including their ACS exams, and will have been signed off by an independent assessor on the mentored element of the course.

In addition, ECTA course graduates must meet the employer’s individual requirements. These can vary between companies but will usually include:

  • A minimum of four GCSEs
  • A current, clean driving licence
  • An enthusiastic attitude
  • An ability to demonstrate organisational skills
  • An ability to demonstrate SMICORP-compliant customer service skills

ECTA Smart Meter courses are designed to ensure students are well-prepared to meet and exceed Ofgem’s stringent customer service requirements but employers will want to see face-to-face evidence of this important aspect of the role before agreeing to take you on.

ECTA were among the first industry training skills companies to get on board with the Smart Meter programme and, since that time, have worked hard to forge strong, mutually-beneficial relationships with metering companies to help them to fill an estimated 6500 vacancies. It is our reputation as a trusted supplier of high-calibre graduates that has enabled us to secure permanent work for our graduates.

Expected salary packages

Successful Smart Meter engineers will need to have both the practical skills required to remove, fit and test the new generation of Smart Meters as well as the communication skills to explain to customers how their new equipment works and how they can monitor and adjust their energy consumption.

This demand for adequately trained installers has led to utilities and metering companies competing with one another to offer the most attractive salary packages.
Newly qualified Smart Meter engineers can expect to earn a salary of between 21 and 28k with senior engineers earning from between 28 and 40k. Employees will usually be provided with a van, uniform and company mobile device as well as a generous bonus package. As more talent enters the industry, existing engineers will find themselves able to take on higher paid supervisory and management roles. Ultimately, a Smart Meter engineer can then choose to move anywhere within the lucrative energy industry (e.g. domestic or commercial gas engineering).
Getting started with ECTA training

Any change in job or career is a big deal and should never be undertaken lightly. However, for those who are interested in taking advantage of the upcoming boom in the Smart Meter industry we suggest calling ECTA on 0161 480 5656 or emailing [email protected]  for full course details.