Well done to Darren Lewis


Darren Lewis has become the first candidate to achieve the Level 4 Certificate Gas Safety Management in Social Housing through ECTA


Darren, who is employed by New Charter Building Company, has impressed his employers and the Scheme Director at Logic Certification, Steve Mulvany, with the “quality and depth” of his portfolio of work, supported by the ECTA team of trainers and assessors.

“Darren’s confidence and technical expertise has increased immeasurably whilst completing this qualification” said Steve Brylowski, Mechanical & Electrical Services Manager at New Charter Building Company. “This in turn has allowed us to increase productivity and efficiency as Darren’s new knowledge and skills have allowed him to take on more responsibility in his role. We are incredibly proud of his achievement”

Darren himself admitted “The qualification was tough at times, and required a lot of hours of reading and writing assessments. The benefits have been worth all the hard work though, I have a much deeper understanding of both the technical side and the legislative requirements of managing Gas Safety, and this has been invaluable in my work”

Dave Berry, Director at ECTA said “ This qualification is not an easy one to achieve, and the effort Darren had put in was clearly evident in all his work. We are really pleased that Darren and New Charter have been impressed with the very real benefit doing this course has had on his work”

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