Half of Brits suffer boiler breakdowns in the winter but don’t have the cash to repair them



As Britain faces frosty mornings, hiked energy bills and the fear of facing home repairs at the worst time of year, there are many things about winter that can be quite stressful for homeowners. With Christmas Day adding to financial stresses, there is nothing worse than a boiler breakdown at this time of the year. Our boiler breakdown training can help, here’s how we know this…

In fact, according to a study involving 2,000 homeowners, it was revealed that one in are concerned about a deep freeze causing a burst pipe, while 10 per cent fear their heating isn’t efficient enough for this time of year. Boiler breakdown training is essential for tackling such a big issue.

However, as 45 per cent have experienced boiler breakdown during winter, many are right to be concerned, particularly with an average of 7 days before it is repaired and a cost of £940. Worryingly, almost half of property owners don’t save anything for emergencies, despite the average Briton expecting to spend £1,278 overcoming testing times during winter.

Home repair costs

The study also revealed that customers are worried about being ripped off for home repairs. Brits estimated they paid £383 on home repairs during winter last year.

However, 24 per cent believe they would not be financially prepared to do the same this year and would have to consider a credit card to cover the costs.

Despite the risks, one in seven homeowners have never had their boiler serviced. At the same time 13 per cent are unaware of how much a replacement would cost. One third also said they would not have the disposable cash to cover the costs if their boiler were to break tomorrow.

As for basic maintenance, 20 per cent do not know where to turn the gas off at the mains, while an eighth do not know where the stop clock is. 36 per cent of those surveyed have also never monitored their boiler pressure.

Though it may seem too late, it is crucial for your customers to know what they can do to avoid any unexpected damages this month!

Boiler pressure

When it comes to boiler health, boiler pressure matters! The pressure is an important element to ensuring efficient home heating. Low pressure cuts out the boiler leading to no hot water. High pressure puts a strain on the system, causing a breakdown. 1.5 bar is recommended.

Bleeding radiators

If the radiators are cold at the top and hot at the bottom, they need bleeding. This requires a cloth, container and a radiator key. It is also important that the heating is turned off first. The valve will be located at the top of the radiator and should be turned anticlockwise by the key until it makes a hissing sound. Once the water begins to flow, simply tighten it back up!


It is important to keep an eye out for leaks on the boiler and around the pipes. Excessive banging or gurgling noises can also indicate an issue. Your customers should get in touch if they spot any of these issues.

Carbon monoxide

Finally, your customers should get acquainted with where the mains gas isolation valve is and have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted.

Offer your customers the best boiler services with knowledge and expertise from ECTA

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