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BS7671 17th Edition 3rd Amendment (QCF)


Officially known as "Level 3 Award in the requirements for electrical installation BS7671:June 2008 (2015)". this is an essential course for anyone who undertakes electrical work in any type of premises.

Course details

This four day course covers the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations including amendment 3 2015, and is a qualification required by the Competent Persons Schemes for electrics. It is also a prerequisite qualification for those wishing to take the Solar Photovoltaic qualification.

The objective of the qualification is to demonstrate that the learner can:

  • Identify the scope, object and fundamental principles of BS7671
  • Interpret the definitions in BS7671
  • Interpret the requirements of assessing the general characteristics of electrical installations within the scope of BS7671
  • Identify the requirements of protection for safety within the scope of BS7671
  • Identify the requirements for selecting and erecting equipment within the scope of BS7671
  • Identify the requirements for inspecting and testing
  • Identify the requirements for special locations
  • Identify the information in the appendices of BS7671

The course includes 3 days training, followed by 2 multiple choice examinations.

Candidates will need to bring a copy of the IET Wiring Regulations (BS7671:2008 Incorporating Amendment Number 3:2015) which be purchased through the IEE website, Amazon or other good bookshops!


Please note: 18th Edition is due out on 2nd July 2018, please click here for further information


BS7671 17th Edition 3rd Amendment (QCF)

Hadfield House, Gordon Street, Stockport, SK4 1RR
Duration 4 Days
Cost £395
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